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As a former wildlife biologist/ecologist, Lauren views both the human and more-than-human worlds as living systems, and seeks to foster in her clients the kinds of elements that support living systems to thrive-- including connection, acceptance, diversity, and belonging; drawing on our innate human resources while simultaneously opening to and including places that challenge us.


Drawing on the principles of Hakomi therapy, as well as her foundational practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness, Lauren strives to create an environment of inclusion and acceptance of all aspects of the human experience. Drawing on her passion for nature-based practices and deep personal growth and exploration in the natural world, Lauren loves to work outdoors with clients whenever possible. In addition to doing intensive individual work with clients, Lauren delights in weaving small groups together, finding that sometimes the deepest and most healing work occurs in groups. In facilitating groups, Lauren draws on her experience as a trainer and facilitator for the Matrix Leadership Institute as well as Convergence 3C. 

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